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 PTO (Power Take Off ) Gear Spline Type For Crane Special Vehicle  China Truck Shaft  PTO CHINAMFG 12,13,14,15,16,17,20,24,27,28,50,51,52,211, 212,521 Assembly

Power take-off SDQ27-21 No.: SDQ27-21
(Car power take-off) Main technical parameters: Current model: SDQ27/21PQ1, Manipulation mode: Pneumatic, Output shaft rotation: Contrary to engine rotation, total power take-off ratio: 1.845, Applicable models: EQ1208G, output torque (Nm): 350, equipped with gearbox: DC85JTZ 17G0Z56-571 17GOA3-(33.35.36) 17G571-N9-N9-N9-680, gearbox first gear ratio: 7.640

Car power take-off No.: SDQ12-83
(car power take-off)

Car power take-off No.: SDQ12-72
(car power take-off) power take-off total speed ratio: 1.199, output torque (N.m): 250, output shaft rotation: opposite to the engine rotation, operating mode: pneumatic, power take-off and gearbox meshing gear: helical gear

Car power take-off No.: SDQ12-68
(Car power take-off) main technical parameters: the current model SDQ12/68PQ1-A, control mode: pneumatic, output shaft rotation: contrary to the engine rotation, the total speed ratio of the power take-off: 1.19, applicable models: CA1092, output Torque (Nm): 350, equipped with gearbox: CA6T123, TS6-53 (direct gear), CATS6-62, gearbox first gear ratio: 6.515.

Power take-off SDQ212-70-1 No.: SDQ212-70-1
(Car power take-off) main technical parameters: current model: SDQ212/70PQ1-1, control mode: pneumatic, output shaft rotation: opposite to the engine rotation, the total speed ratio of the power take-off: 0.88, Applicable models: Fuller , Fast, output torque (Nm): 650, equipped with gearbox: 12JS160TA

Power take-off SDQ521 No.: SDQ521
(Auto power take-off) Main technical parameters: current model: SDQ521, control mode: pneumatic, output shaft rotation: opposite to the engine rotation, total speed ratio of power take-off: 0.782, Applicable models: Fuller, Fast , Output torque (Nm): 420, equipped with gearbox: RT-11609A, 11509C RTO-11609B, 11509F 8JS, 9JS

Power take-off SDQ212-70 No.: SDQ212-70
(Car power take-off) main technical parameters: current model: SDQ212/70PQ1, control mode: pneumatic, output shaft rotation: the same as the engine rotation, the total speed ratio of the power take-off: 0.83, applicable models: Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n, S Taier, Fast, output torque (Nm): 4   FAW TZ17-449 CA6T-138(FAW Eaton) 6-74 SDQ15/75 1.-Q17421(HangZhou) JC5-20T23(HangZhou) 17G0A8-LB27 17G0A88-QB80 17G1A8-20 17G0A5-EG05-B   SDQ23/30 1.15 250 Helical 24 Furika LG520Q3 LG525Q Mengwo170571-Q17571 MW525CL 17G0AB02 WLY520 525 SDQ23/32 1.24 170 Helical 31 FOTON Furika SDQ33/32 Helical 34 SYC07 170571-C64-E31121 TC5-30HKA20(Tangchi) TC5-30HFE9(Tangchi) YC5-30V06 LG535QHZJB1 1061 SDQ23/37 1.238 2-LD4-90651 17KW1-N9-N9-Q17421 2830.5   SDQ42/27 1.15 200 30 IV .ECO NAVECO LC6T35   SDQ50/35 1 300 Straight 22 Helical 26 JAC LC6T46(A2Q25) LC6T450MT(AZQ28) WLYZ6S46( ) 646 SDQ50/45 1.1 280 Straight 14 FOTON AUMARK WLY6S46 646 SDQ50/69 1.187 350 Helical 28 LC6T540 15CO7571   SDQ50/63 1.13 350 Helical 29 JAC LC5T97 LC5T30( 6teeth) 5T97 SDQ50/71 1.17 250 Helical 31 LC5T400M1(A2Q08) 5T35 SDQ50/74 1 200 Helical 31 FOTON Oling NISSAN Z.F5S400V   SDQ51/44 1.5 200 Straight 32 Helical 42 NISSAN MSB-5M(A2Q05) LC5T88(6 teeth) ISU .ZU QINGLING SDQ51/62 1.22 250 Helical 37 ISU .ZU QINGLING MSB-5M(A2Q05) LC5T88(6 teeth) ISU .ZU QINGLING SDQ51/63 1.03 250 Helical 38 ISU .ZU QINGLING DN3-70030-E0 6MT1420 DN3 SDQ51/65 1.26 350 Helical 32 ISU .ZU QINGLING MSB-5S/5M/5SM 5MT1280JD JC526T3D 1571 5T88 SDQ51/74 1.633 250 Helical 35 JMC small FOTON WLY5TS32C-58-32 Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng WLY5TS32-31-32       Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng FOTON JC528T8 1571 5T88 SDQ51/67 1.2 200 Helical 41 JMC ISU .ZU MRB6P( EURO3)   SDQ52/74 1.16 350 25 ISU .ZU QINGLING MRB6Q MLD6Q 5T ISU .ZU SDQ52/77 1.18 400 Helical 30 ISU .ZU QINGLING 8JS85E 17JK-G18569(JiangKai) 85E QD40A 1.01 350 Straight 18 Helical 19 FAST, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng RT-11609A RT-11509C   SDQ211/70-A Q.8 700 Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng, FAW,Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n IV .ECO, Steyr, Auman, Northern Benz BEIBEN,JAC,SHCAMAN 17G0A9-22 9JS135T-B   SDQ211/70-1 1 400 9JS119T-B(170571-K14E3)   SDQ211/70-3 0.86 400 9JS119TA   SDQ211/70-4 1 500 RTO-11609B RT-11509F   SDQ211/70-5 0.94 650 12JS160TA   SDQ212/70-1 0.88 650 Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n IV .ECO, Steyr, Auman, Northern Benz BEIBEN,JAC,SHCAMAN 12JD160TA 12JD180T   SDQ212/70-2 A5J38T   QC20A 1.61     FOTON

HWP type Power Take-Off


No PTO Model Ratio Torque Transmission Output Mode Control Position
1 HWP-X23/55CHQ 1.1206 300N.M LC6T450M1 Spline Pneumatic Side
2 HWP-X23/55TQ 1.1206 300N.M LC6T450M1 Flange Pneumatic Side
3 HWP-X30/71CHQ 1.5517 250N.M LC5T30 Spline Pneumatic Side
4 HWP-X30/71TQ 1.5517 260N.M LC5T30 Flange Pneumatic Side
5 HWP-X31/63CHQ 1.1099 300N.M LC6T540 Spline Pneumatic Side
6 HWP-X31/63TQ 1.1099 300N.M LC6T540 Flange Pneumatic Side
7 HWP-X31/74CHQ 1.5621 250N.M LC5T40 Spline Pneumatic Side
8 HWP-X31/74TQ 1.5621 250N.M LC5T40 Flange Pneumatic Side
9 HWP-I35/62CHS 1.2971 200N.M MSB-5M Spline Manual Side
10 HWP-I35/62TS 1.2971 200N.M MSB-5M Flange Manual Side
11 HWP-X35/65CHQ 1.6433 250N.M ML642A Spline Pneumatic Side
12 HWP-X35/65TQ 1.6433 250N.M ML642A Flange Pneumatic Side
13 HWP-X35/65CHQ-A 1.096 250N.M ML642A Spline Pneumatic Side
14 HWP-X35/65TQ-A 1.096 250N.M ML642A Flange Pneumatic Side








1.536 LC5T28
1.82 LC5T88








1.536 LC5T88
1.82 LC5T28








1.536 LC5T28
1.82 LC5T88


1.8   MSB-5M




1.536 LC5T28
1.82 LC5T88

The above listed are the models and special specifications of common power take-off assemblies, or if you need to customize, please call for details.



Packaging & Shipping


1.Are you trading company or manufacturer ? 

We are Group Corporation manufacturer ,have Group Factories Contractor.

2 .Can I have samples of this type of product to test the quality?
Yes, you can buy any sample to test the quality,our MOQ is 1 unit.

3. What’s the delivery time and can you lower the price? 
It depends on your order.The delivery time is within 30 workdays after we received your prepayment. If you have placed an order of large quantities, then,of course, the price can be lowered.

4.Can you supply some quick-wear parts? 

Yes, we can supply the parts as your request,such as traction,traction pin,balance beam and plate spring,hanging accessories,turntable,all kinds of brake pads,brake pan, bearings,etc.

6.Do you have any used products for sale? 

We have products in stock for choices,the prices are favorable,we’ll show you our stock products if you need. 

7.What’s the payment terms?

TT 30% as deposit, balance before shipment by TT or at sight.

8. How to guarantee customers get the goods smoothly after they payment? 
Don’t worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,you can place the order by trade assurance,if we don’t delivery products, the deposit will be returned to you. 

9.How can you ensure the quality of the products? 

Don’t worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,if the products have quality problems when you received them,the payments can be refund to you.


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Application: Motor, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Car, Aerial Platform Crane Truck, Tanker Trucks Pto, ..
Function: Distribution Power
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Heavy Duty Sinotruck: Sdq-Zd27/61 Hw50 Hw70 Hw80q-F301 Hw140q-F301 Hw140
New Energy Series Power Take off: Sdq-Lk31/38 Sdq-Lk24/36 Sdq38/36 Sdq-Lk20/56
Wanliyang Series Power Take off (Wly): Sdq-Wl24/37 Sdq-Wl24/38 Sdq-Wl24/40 Sdq-Wl31/39
US$ 380/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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agricultural gearbox

Using Agricultural Gearboxes in Specialized Tasks: Tilling and Planting

Agricultural gearboxes are versatile components that play a crucial role in various farming operations, including specialized tasks such as tilling and planting. Here’s how agricultural gearboxes are utilized in these tasks:

  • Tilling: Tilling is an essential step in preparing the soil for planting. Agricultural gearboxes are used in tractor-mounted tillers to drive the rotating tines that break up and turn over the soil. The gearbox’s high torque capabilities and power transmission efficiency allow the tiller to work effectively even in tough soil conditions. Adjustable gear ratios in the gearbox enable operators to control the tiller’s speed and penetration depth, optimizing soil preparation.
  • Planting: Precision planting requires accurate seed placement and spacing to maximize crop yield. Agricultural gearboxes are integrated into planting equipment to drive mechanisms that distribute seeds evenly at the desired depth. The gearbox’s ability to transmit power with precision ensures consistent seed placement, contributing to uniform germination and plant growth. Some gearboxes in planting equipment also offer variable speed options, allowing farmers to adjust planting rates based on seed types and field conditions.

By enabling efficient power transmission and offering customizable speed and torque settings, agricultural gearboxes enhance the effectiveness of specialized tasks like tilling and planting. Farmers can rely on these gearboxes to achieve optimal soil preparation and planting accuracy, ultimately contributing to higher crop yields.

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Types of Farming Equipment Incorporating Agricultural Gearboxes

Agricultural gearboxes play a vital role in various farming equipment, enhancing their efficiency and enabling them to perform essential tasks. Here are some types of farming equipment that commonly incorporate agricultural gearboxes:

  • Tractors: Agricultural gearboxes are integral components of tractors, contributing to power transmission from the engine to various attachments such as plows, harrows, and mowers.
  • Harvesters: Harvesters, used to gather crops like grains, fruits, and vegetables, utilize gearboxes to drive conveyor systems and separators, ensuring smooth and efficient harvesting operations.
  • Planters and Seeders: Planters and seeders rely on gearboxes to precisely distribute seeds and fertilizers while maintaining the desired planting depth.
  • Sprayers: Agricultural gearboxes are used in sprayers to drive pumps that distribute pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers over fields.
  • Hay Balers: Gearboxes are essential in hay balers for compacting and forming bales of hay, enabling easy storage and transportation.
  • Manure Spreaders: Manure spreaders incorporate gearboxes to distribute and spread fertilizers and compost evenly across fields.
  • Grain Augers: Grain augers, used for loading and unloading grains, feature gearboxes to drive the rotating screw mechanism that lifts and transfers grains.
  • Cultivators: Cultivators use gearboxes to drive rotating tines or blades that loosen and prepare the soil for planting.
  • Rotary Cutters: Rotary cutters, often attached to tractors, utilize gearboxes to power the spinning blades used for cutting tall grass, weeds, and brush.
  • Threshers: Threshers, employed for separating grains from their husks or stalks, incorporate gearboxes to drive the threshing mechanisms.

These examples demonstrate the diverse applications of agricultural gearboxes across a wide range of farming equipment. By providing reliable power transmission and control, agricultural gearboxes contribute significantly to the productivity and efficiency of modern agricultural practices.

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Role of Agricultural Gearboxes in Agricultural Machinery

An agricultural gearbox is a specialized type of gearbox used in various agricultural machinery and equipment. It plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of agricultural equipment by transmitting power and torque from the engine to the different components that perform specific tasks in the field.

Agricultural gearboxes are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of agricultural operations, including exposure to dust, dirt, moisture, and heavy loads. They are commonly used in a wide range of agricultural machinery, including tractors, combines, tillers, sprayers, and more.

The primary functions of agricultural gearboxes include:

  • Power Transmission: Agricultural gearboxes transmit power from the engine to various components, such as wheels, blades, and belts, enabling them to perform their respective tasks.
  • Speed Control: Gearboxes allow operators to control the speed and output torque of agricultural machinery. Different tasks require different speeds and levels of torque, and gearboxes provide the necessary adjustments.
  • Direction Change: Many agricultural operations require changing the direction of rotational motion. Gearboxes enable smooth and efficient direction changes without the need for complex mechanical arrangements.
  • Adaptation to Tasks: Agricultural gearboxes are equipped with various gears and shafts that can be configured to match the requirements of specific tasks, such as plowing, planting, harvesting, and more.

These gearboxes come in different configurations, such as straight-cut gears, helical gears, and planetary gears, depending on the specific application and requirements. The choice of gearbox type, gear ratio, and design factors contribute to the overall performance, efficiency, and durability of agricultural machinery.

Regular maintenance and lubrication are essential to ensure the longevity and reliable operation of agricultural gearboxes. Proper care and upkeep help prevent premature wear and damage, ensuring that the machinery performs optimally throughout the farming seasons.

China Good quality Gearbox Power Take off Spline Type for Crane Special Vehicle China Truck Shaft Pto Assembly   components of gearbox	China Good quality Gearbox Power Take off Spline Type for Crane Special Vehicle China Truck Shaft Pto Assembly   components of gearbox
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